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MA Fundamentals Programmes

We are currently running programmes on different learning areas to support the learning specifically with the fundamental skills that they need to master the concepts explored on their current grades. It is without doubt that learners struggle with concepts because of gaps in their knowledge, skills and attitudes.


Our programmes are not the quick fix solution to assist learners to pass tests and ultimately their grade, we are intentional in giving the skills needed to pass not just the grade but to prepare the child for life. Learners who are part of our programmes are in various learning stages, such programmes allow them to move to their own next stage of their learning stage.

Learning Areas

Currently we are focussing on the 'technical' learning areas. By technical we refer to the learning areas that require a variety of skills that are shared among other learning areas.

These include English, Mathematics, Natural Sciences, EMS, Geography, Economics, Accounting, Life Sciences, Business Studies and Physical Sciences. Other learning areas will be adopted in the future.


These programmes are run small groups of 1 trainer and 15 learners, and we call this a huddle. The learners get the necessary attention they need to master the skills. The group could be made out of strangers within the same suburb or they could be a collection from a single school, church or homeschooling groups. Where the learners are more than 15, we separate them into a number of huddles as per your instruction or our discretion.

Getting into a huddle ...

Huddles run during the week also on Saturdays but not on Sundays. You can book for an individual and/or a group. Find the details below:

Holidays Bootcamps

The holiday's bootcamp programmes run for one-two weeks only on the November-January and July season after the exams and before the start of the next academic year. September holidays are excluded to allow learners to rest before the final exams. The purpose of this programme is to expose and prepare the learners for the first two terms that comes directly after the programme.

Intensive Mid-Year Programme

The Intensive programme is our agent of change as it is this programme that really has an impact on the learners. April to September we go over the fundamental concepts in order to make sure that the learners are well equipped for their learning areas. Learners are encouraged to work in small groups of 3-5 in order to foster collaboration and peer learning. The programme is best suited for each learner.

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Summer School 2019
08:00 - 17:00
NewYork, USA

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Eduma Autumn 2019
08:00 - 17:00
Venice, Italy

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CSI: Funding learners to enroll in our programmes

We work with like minded individuals, community leaders, organisations and corporates that prioritises education and understand the need and return in investment for their communities, corporatives and the country as a whole. Contact us at or 061 451 8099

Programmes Framework

Below is the structure and costing of both the Intensive programme and the bootcamps programmes for Mathematics. The structure is the same for other learning areas with few differences as each learning areas having its unique set of skills. Nonetheless, the framework below will give you an appreciation of our programmes, rationale and the affordability of the programmes.