CAPS Compliant

We follow CAPS closely to meet your educational needs.

Learner Centered Approach

Concepts are developed with the learner in mind for encourage independence and responsibility.


Courses are interactive to engage and stimulate.

Grade 9 Natural Sciences

Grade 9 Natural Sciences

Grade 8 Natural Sciences

Grade 8 Natural Sciences

2019 Programmes

2019 Programmes

Fundamental Skills

Programmes are aimed at giving you the fundamental skills, knowledge and attitudes to do well on your learning areas.

Personal Learning Journey

We design a learning programme for your personal develop.

Individual Attention

We pay close attention to ensure that reach your full potential.

e-Learning Resources

Enroll and get free access to online courses and other resources.

Learning Areas

Accounting. Business Studies, Economics, English, EMS, Geography, Life Sciences, Mathematics, Mathematical Literacy, Natural Sciences and Physical Sciences.


Contact hours are held at a centre near you, where there's isn't one established in your area, we come to you.

Cost and Duration

The programme costs R5106 and runs for six months (96 hours of contact time.)

Who can register?

Anyone with basic English literacy and a goal to reach in life through education. You must be in Grade 7 or in a higher grade.

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Get started in 4 easy steps
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